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So in the last couple weeks I have spent quite a bit of time expanding my work for the other websites I work for. This would explain my lack of posting so far this month on The Glutton Diaries, sorry for the delay! I have some recipes in the works to release in the next week or so, as well as the recipe updates that are listed as “coming soon” on my recipes page.

However for this post, I thought I would give you guys a subtle push to look at my  “other work” page. I have been working on a lot of projects lately and that page is heavily updated with fresh work. Below are some teasers of a few projects that I have worked on lately.

Click the images to get to the main page that contains the recipe. (The same can be said for the oatmeal photo above.)

amaretto mixed drinks

Amaretto 2 Ways:

For this post on the Lala, an online magazine, I focused on Amaretto, an almond flavored liqueur. While I only feature the one image above, in the post I give two options, one for summer and another for winter.

mac and cheese

Garlic Mac and Cheese

The Lala is an online magazine that caters to college-aged readers. With that being said, I wanted to focus my work on simplifying comfort foods. I also recognize that mac and cheese is a common thing to reach for in terms of instant foods, right after ramen. I wanted this to show that instant foods are not always the best option.

blender pudding

Blender Pudding

Another anti-instant food recipe, however this was for the Indiana Daily Student. I do weekly recipe videos for them and I released this for them a couple weeks back. This is a pudding recipe that only requires one step, which is to blend everything together, and is made from scratch.

cilantro pesto salmon

Cheap Gourmet – Using herbs to make cheap food fancy

The photos above and below were from an herb post I did last week. I wanted to create a series of recipes that showed beginner cooks that inexpensive food can be turned gourmet with the addition of cheap herbs. Above is a cilantro pesto, this recipe also has a video that goes alongside it. Below is a mint lentil soup recipe.

red lentil soup

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