Salted Chocolate Dipped Strawberries With Lemon

chocolate covered strawberries w/ lemon salt

I didn’t really see the point of doing a full recipe post on this since all you have to do is dip and sprinkle. However I have to admit that I never thought adding salt to a chocolate dipped strawberry would be so good.

I first thought of this after remembering a piece of advice my grandpa would tell me when I was growing up – that is to put salt on slices of sour pineapple. It would make it sweeter, he said.

At the time, I had been too little to realize that a teaspoon of salt on a cup of pineapple would be disgusting, however after trial and error I did figure out his secret. Additionally, salt brings out great flavor in chocolate, so this is a win-win situation.

Only I have brought the chocolate covered strawberry to a new level. This summer, I had an obsession with lemon. I put it on everything. I also loved lemon with strawberry – which you can also see in my roasted strawberry ice cream sandwich post. The lemon zest makes everything taste fresher. Paired with a pinch of black salt and a heaping of dark chocolate, I could make no wrongs.

So I tried the pairing out, took a photo of it, then proceeded to eat everything. I urge you guys to do the same.

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